Terms and Conditions

Program Delivery

Our program delivery fee is quoted at the time of the proposal and includes facilitators' fees. Program materials are priced at a per person rate and are an additional cost.

Payment Terms

We invoice on day one of a program and invoices are payable within 14 days.

Postponement and/or Rescheduling

In the unfortunate event that a PEP date needs to be rescheduled by the client, we apply the following terms:

  • Within 48 hours PEP will charge $1,500 + GST. ​This ensures we pay our facilitators who are booked to run the program.
  • Any travel already booked that cannot be refunded will be charge to the client.


In the unfortunate event that any scheduled and ​confirmed programs are cancelled by the client, we apply the following terms:

  • Where notice is received less than 5 working days  prior to schedule, we require 50% of the program fee.
  • Where notice is received within 48 hours prior to schedule, we require 100% of the program fee.
  • Any travel already booked that cannot be refunded will be charge to the client.

Participants who miss a PEP module

In the unfortunate event that a participant cannot attend a PEP module, it is the client’s responsibility to organise one of the following options that would best suit:

  • Coaching catch up session on missed module - price on advisement.
  • Add participant to another PEP program that the organisation is running

Additional Expenses

(when any are applicable for a client) 

The following are not included in the program cost and are the responsibility of the client (if applicable):

  • Venue Hire
  • Travel and accommodation of client staff
  • Travel, local accommodation of PEPworldwide staff and associated costs (if required by client)
  • Hire of any additional equipment
  • Non-PEPworldwide produced materials.


The client acknowledges that Copyright exists in all PEPworldwide produced materials. PEPworldwide agrees to grant the client a limited licence over such material with respect to the particular program(s) detailed above. The Client confirms that materials for the particular program identified above will not be distributed or utilised for any other use.

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