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The Leadership Edge

A focused small-group course, where practical skills drive leadership excellence. Gain valuable insights into your leadership style and enhance your unique strengths to build a thriving workplace.

The Leadership Edge


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The Leadership Edge is designed to give leaders the confidence and skills to navigate any challenge that the modern workplace may throw at you. Our people-centred approach emphasises collaboration, trust-building, and staying relevant in an ever-changing world. Gain invaluable insights into who you are as a leader and how to make the most of your strengths, while building an environment where you, and your team can thrive.

Learning outcomes

  • Day 1: Leadership style assessment, trust is foundational to thriving, mindset development, PEP leadership model
  • Day 2: Leading people and managing tasks, clarity of purpose, prioritisation and delegation, inclusiveness and relationship care.
  • Day 3: Masterful collaboration, coaching for growth, performance under pressure, empathy, and resilience for long-term development

Delivery format

  • Max 6 people per course
  • 3 full-day modules over 6 weeks
  • Tailored in-person facilitation

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