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Our world-class courses teach businesses, teams, and individuals to be more productive and less stressed. When people work better, they live better.

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We’re a global leader in workplace productivity. We’ve been around for 39 years and over 1 million individuals globally have benefitted from our programs. Our customers see brilliant business results from our world class workshops and coaching.

Why PEP?

What’s it worth to have your employees and colleagues saying this? What does it cost if they don’t?

What PEP offers

Grow your people's wellbeing

Support your people to feel liberated and empowered, both in the workplace, and in their wider lives. Invest in your "humanware™" to increase wellbeing and job satisfaction.

Deliver productivity gains 

We provide greater productivity, better outcomes, and improved overall performance in organisations. Investing in PEP comes with tangible returns.

Contextual application

Regardless of your organisation’s ways of working, we have solutions to achieve high levels of engagement through focussed participant coaching and immediate skill implementation.

Customised solutions to suit your business

Tailored content and delivery to suit the particular challenges of your organisation. Our programs can be customised to meet your business needs.

All-of-government supplier

PEP is recognised as an all-of-government supplier. We endorse diversity and inclusion initiatives and support te Tiriti based practice.

Experienced facilitators

Our facilitators have years of experience delivering programs to a wide range of organisations. They are passionate about working with people and making a difference to individuals, teams and organisations.


years as a leading NZ productivity company


organisations PEP has worked with


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Our Solutions

PEP Principles

PEP Principles is our “foundation” PEP program, with tools and hands-on coaching to improve team productivity and reduce workplace stress.

PEP Principles with Microsoft 365

The best-selling version of our core program, this course embeds our foundational principles through practical applications using the Microsoft 365 suite.

PEP Executive

A bespoke premium coaching solution, we work with you and your assistant to perform at peak together. Deepen collaboration, increase communication and cut through the noise to focus on what really matters.


PEPtalks cover our core principles in a format specifically tailored for larger groups to lift your whole organisation. In these condensed sessions we share valuable tips on how to work more effectively.

The PEP Experience

Customised Solution

I didn’t realise that these tools we have been taught have efficiency built right in – there it is!

Jono Saunders

Snr Business Development Manager
The TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company Limited

Contextual application

It’s like going from VHS to Netflix in one day.

HK Kitchens Team

HK Kitchens

Customised Solution

I have just attended a program that lives up to its name.

Leardt Eramus

Technical Assistant
The TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company Limited

Wellbeing and customised solution

I found the PEP training revolutionary. It provided me with a system that enables me to work efficiently and never forget tasks, or worry about forgetting tasks etc. The system I now employ has given me piece of mind, allowed me to switch off after work easily and also has allowed me to feel that I accomplish a lot in my day.

Hugh Jackson, (B Agricommerce)

Dairy NZ Extension Partner
Dairy NZ


I have been working for years and years and finally I have a way to prioritise my workload properly. I can feel my shoulders relaxing!

Teresa Perkinson

Lab Supervisor
The TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company Limited

Contextual application

Attending the PEP course has given me confidence that I’m in control of my workload and that I can focus and plan ahead rather than feeling overwhelmed and burned out all the time. Applying PEP Principles to my emails and calendar has made a huge impact on how I achieve results.

Charmaine Van Niekirk

Facilities Management Lead
Waikato Reio

Deliver productivity gains

We engaged PEP in January 2020 initially with our senior management team, I was quickly impressed with the uptake and resulting gains in productivity through effective planning and prioritizing of important work. Over the past 12 months we expanded the PEP training to 40 people throughout our business and as a result have seen a scaled lift in collaboration and outcomes. Having this many people on the same page with our technology platforms has provided control through skills, strategies and tools to manage the volume and velocity of work.

Craig Laloli

General Manager

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