PEP want to grow the productivity and effectiveness of New Zealand businesses, while enhancing the wellbeing of their people

Our Purpose

Work well to live well.

Life today is busier, more complicated and multi- dimensional than ever. Expectations are rising, change is ever-present and the lines between the different parts of our lives are blurring. Work is no longer just a job, something that happens between the hours of 8 and 5. Work is what allows us to create meaning and purpose in our lives. But it’s only by working well that we can sustainably achieve this.

At PEP, we believe that understanding the nuances of how we work holds the key to unlocking our true capacity. We equip you with the skills and techniques needed to seamlessly manage the micro-moments that make up the day, helping you to work smarter, not harder. Our methods help individuals, teams and businesses to level up, empowering people to live their life productively, and with purpose.

It’s about liberating you from unproductive habits and equipping you with new ones - so you can prioritise with confidence, face less complexity and wasted time, fewer interruptions, meaningless tasks or meetings. Just clarity, control and unbridled performance.


PEP Difference

New Zealand is one of the greatest places in the world to live and work, and we have a proud history of innovative businesses that punch above their weight on the world stage. New Zealand businesses are often blessed with talented people who have great ideas and work hard, but could benefit from expert help to find effective, sustainable ways of working.

We want to grow the productivity and effectiveness of New Zealand businesses, while enhancing the wellbeing of their people. It’s a bold vision, but over nearly three decades as New Zealand’s leading productivity consultant we have seen first-hand the impact our programs can have.

We are driven to continue boosting productivity, and enhancing wellbeing across all businesses through the nation. We truly believe that by harnessing the power of working well, we can make New Zealand the most productive workforce in the world.

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Our Values

There are four key values at the heart of everything we do:


Our Story

PEP is a leading productivity consultant and has been working in New Zealand for over 30 years. We partner with organisations and have introduced thousands of New Zealanders to the power of working well.

We believe investing in the "humanware"™ of your organisation is equally as important as investing in the latest hardware and software. This investment supports and develops your people as well as driving productivity gains and delivering measurable ROI.

Our methods have evolved over many years, and are aligned with global best practices for the modern workplace, from leading hybrid teams to the latest Microsoft roll outs.

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The PEP Team

Our people are the heart and soul of PEP. They combine rich experience with a genuine passion for improving the performance of organisations and the wellbeing of their staff. Our team come from diverse backgrounds, and many of our facilitators have worked client-side in organisations like yours.

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