Welcome to our inaugural post

It’s been a fantastic year of growth and change at PEPworldwide:nz, and we’re keeping the momentum rolling with the launch of our latest initiative: the PEPworldwide:nz blog. Welcome to our inaugural post!

P erhaps we should begin by saying that we know that the Internet is already crammed with blogs on procrastination, time-saving strategies, tips on email management and more.

Obviously, as productivity specialists, we don’t want to contribute to this clutter. But as leaders in our industry, we do feel that we’re in a unique position to provide valuable commentary on the varied issues confronting executives in the modern workplace. And so what we intend to do with our blog is act as your filter: we’re going to sort through the latest research on boosting business performance, we’ll identify workplace trends and we’ll collate the newest and most effective ideas in maximising efficiency – so that you don’t have to. Think of us as quality control. After all, this is what we do best: help people to regain control by identifying what matters most.

So what sort of topics can you expect to see in our posts? Well, all of the above and then some. Along with our take on the latest strategies out there for increasing productivity, efficiency and collaboration in the workplace, we’re going to include guest posts from industry professionals, clients’ stories, reviews of productivity tools and events, interviews with industry leaders, news about PEPworldwide:nz and more.

Of course, we’d love to have your help to make this blog as up-to-date and relevant as possible. Subscribe to our blog newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and most importantly, share your feedback with us: we’d love to hear about your unique experiences and observations. You know what works and what doesn’t – let us know about it.

And if there’s something you’re curious about that we haven’t covered, we’d like to know about that too. We intend to establish this blog as a valuable resource – your go-to site for finding information, sharing stories and asking advice about every aspect of productivity, business performance and personal and professional development.

Watch this space!