Flying solo? No problem – we welcome individuals as well as corporates.

Seeking a personal best? Our public programmes deliver large-scale success in a smaller-scale setting.

Of course, we understand that not everyone works for a large organisation. That’s why we offer public courses, too. Our unique public programme is designed for anyone looking to maximise their efficiency, decrease their stress and gain up to two extra hours a day to focus on what matters most. (We think that holds pretty universal appeal.)
Run as two separate days of training spaced two weeks apart, this programme can be delivered as a one-on-one coaching programme, as in-house training or as a public course catering for up to twelve people. Whatever your requirements, we can customise a solution to suit.


The programme investment is $1895 + GST for the two days.

I love it and cannot imagine how I ever coped beforehand. Thank you for making my work life manageable.

Stephanie Meehan, Summerset

On completion of this programme, you will have learned how to:

  • Evaluate your personal work habits and boost your productivity
  • Clarify what’s important, stop procrastinating and start achieving
  • Develop a consistent planning methodology and create an efficient workflow
  • Reduce stress by regaining control of your inbox and workload
The effect of this - of the course and subsequent overhaul - has allowed me to feel much better in my work - as if the chaos makes a bit more sense! This is a massive quality of life improvement for me and I'm extremely grateful to the PEP programme for this.

Alexander Fitzgerald | Consultant | Talent Solutions

Key Outcomes

Day1Efficiency: work organisation, workflow and work habits


  • A fresh start: evaluate and understand work habits and workflow
  • What information is important to your role?
  • Start as you mean to go on: getting organised and developing efficient work practices
  • Learning how to use electronic media effectively


  • Working smarter: adopting work practices which improve individual/team efficiency
  • Regaining control of your inbox
  • Improving communication in the work environment
  • Establishing practices to support you until your next training session

Day2Effectiveness: delivering results


  • Understanding planning and how it affects each individual’s work
  • Understanding your role and its requirements
  • Getting on with it: moving forward with your workload
  • Calendar is king: using tools and processes to improve prioritising, planning and motivation


  • Clarity on your role and the impact you have on the business
  • Regaining control by planning your workload
  • Renewed focus on priorities
  • Effective use of Outlook
I am really blown away by this course.

Ray, Retail


1How long is the programme?
The programme comprises two full days of training with a two-week interval between the first and second day. Each day begins at 9.00am and finishes at 4.30pm.
2Can I attend only one day of the programme?
No. The programme comprises two modules delivered over two separate days of training.
3What do I need to bring?
All you need to bring is a laptop.
4Where do I park?
An email will be sent to you with a map of parking options.
1How much is the programme?
The programme costs $1895 + GST for the two days.
2What time does the programme finish each day?
The programme finishes at approximately 4.30pm each day.
3Is catering provided?
Yes, catering is provided.
4What is the maximum number of participants?
The maximum number of participants is 12.

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