Public Programmes

Flying solo? No problem – we cater for individuals as well as corporates.

Of course, we understand that not everyone works for a large organisation. That’s why we offer public courses – so even if your interest in PEP is from a purely personal point of view, you too have the opportunity to maximise your efficiency, decrease your stress and find the time to achieve your goals.
Our public programme caters for up to 12 people and involves two days of training. Its unique format comprises two separate modules, which are spaced over two weeks in order to ensure that improvements are both fully established and sustained in the long-term. On completion of this workshop, you will have learned how to:
  • Boost your productivity and achieve remarkable results
  • Evaluate your personal work habits and create an efficient workflow
  • Develop a consistent planning methodology and approach
  • Clarify what is important and how to act on it
  • Reduce stress by regaining control of your work.

Public Course Details


Day One 28th November

Day Two 12th December

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Day One 29th November

Day Two 13th December

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Day One 30th November

Day Two 14th December

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