Personal Perspectives on Productivity: Executives Identify the Trends, Challenges and Ideas Transforming Their Workplace

M any of our previous posts have discussed our take on – and solutions for – productivity issues affecting the modern workplace. However, in our next series of posts, we’d like to change the perspective.

We’re going to look at these issues from the inside out: we’ve interviewed a number of professionals in a variety of industries for their ideas and insights on workplace productivity – the trends they’ve observed, the challenges they’ve encountered and the strategies they’ve implemented or would like to implement to increase the success of their businesses.

Over the next few posts, we’ll share their opinions, ideas and observations with you to create a snapshot of the modern workplace in New Zealand. As you read their responses, be sure to send us your own opinions too: we’d love to know how you identify with the issues raised. Are we all encountering the same difficulties, or do productivity issues vary across industries? Let’s generate some discussion. After all, everyone benefits from a little shared inspiration.

Our series begins with an in-depth interview later this week. Look out for the link in your in-box – and let’s get this conversation started.