A Common Language

“We celebrate efficiency and productivity and we have a common language.”

Adaptability and agility are prerequisites of the modern workplace. However, encouraging employees to embrace, rather than resist, significant changes to their working environment is often easier said than done. PEPworldwide:nz specialises in building the right behaviours to succeed in an ever-evolving environment. This story illustrates how the right approach to any transition – be it a change in leadership, location, structure or more – produces remarkable results.

“We now know what each of us is doing and when. We have realistic expectations and use the right means of communication, depending on urgency.”

The Challenge

A large government department required a complete restructure with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience they provided. PEPworldwide:nz was asked to help build a team which had the required capacity and capability to handle increasingly technical customer queries. The department also wanted alignment across teams and roles so that people could be moved around the business where required.

“The discussion generated by the PEP training has led our team to discuss our work preferences and share tips. By doing this, we connect and benefit from our various experiences.”

Our Solution

An initial lead team PEP workshop focused on developing a clear vision and a new way of working. Once agreed upon, this clear set of expectations was then filtered through PEP programmes which were customised in accordance with each individual team’s requirements. This way, buy-in across the department was assured. Each area within the new structure had team-specific deliverables and outcomes, but all teams were coached to develop a “continuous improvement mindset”, encouraging employees not only to adapt to new ways of working but also to improve collaboration across different regions.

“We now have the ability to acknowledge each other’s strengths and work more effectively across the business.”

The Outcome

Since the restructure, collaboration across teams has both increased and improved. There is a genuine commitment to support each other, share ideas and learn from others’ experiences. A group chat app was established to enable team members to connect with each other when working flexibly. Individually, employees feel more in control; collectively, the entire department is working more efficiently and effectively, with a 16% reduction in stress and an overall increase in productivity of 23%.

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