But wait – there’s (a tiny bit) more.

Starting to feel a little more jaded than jolly?

We hear you. And we hope that our pre-Christmas planning advice has helped you to manage at least some of the mayhem. Hopefully you’ve prepped, purged and planned ahead. Organised your inbox? Even better. Reader, you’re almost there!

But before you switch off the office lights for the last time, we have one final tip for you. This piece of advice was sent in by one of our clients, and it’s just the sort of suggestion we love to share: simple, straightforward, but super-effective. We’ll keep it short and sweet, we promise. Here goes:

Regardless of where you’ve chosen to spend your holiday, technology will almost certainly enable those work emails to keep on coming. And with all these emails comes the compulsion to check them. If you struggle to switch off – both literally and figuratively – Allianz Finance Manager Jordan Kightley recommends the following:

“Update your email settings so that while you’re on holiday, your emails only update once at the end of the day. This prevents me from checking them every time I see I have new emails.”

Not only is this a great tip (thanks, Jordan!), it’s easy to set up:

Outlook Quick Steps

If taking yourself even temporarily off the grid still makes you a little anxious, remember: if something urgent arises, someone will call you.

That’s it! Too easy, right? Now shut down, switch off the lights and go. Our final advice? Don’t look back.

Merry Christmas!