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Learning our faster and smarter ways to work creates huge gains in productivity for global organisation.

“I’ve never known a training programme that has made such a positive difference to so many people in the wider team.”
  • Staff surveys show an 80-90% improvement in employees’ overall satisfaction with their job and the organisation
  • There have been huge gains in productivity as a result of streamlining work processes and regaining control over email
  • There’s been a substantial reduction in stress.
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Our highly customised programmes enable a leading bank to increase business growth and enhance customer service.

“I feel more structured, in control and less stressed. I have a much better work/life balance and for the first time in months I didn’t work on the weekend.”
  • More than 500 people have benefited from enhanced productivity
  • On average each person gained more than two hours of time a day to focus on high-impact activities
  • Greater emphasis has been placed on improving overall performance, with staff recognised for achievements
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Our solutions ensure a pain-free restructure and relocation for a large government department.

“PEP worked immediately. My job improved straight away and I’m now working to my full potential.”
  • We provided a customised solution to enable the team to function as efficiently as possible in the new environment
  • The government department’s leadership team increased their focus on key strategic activities by 14%
  • Meetings now provide more meaningful outcomes and decision-making is now significantly more effective.
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Government finance group uses our strategies to facilitate a restructure.

“The team are now working on the right things with the time they have. They have clarity of their priority work and [are] focusing their time on this.”
  • More available time has resulted in a significant reduction in overtime and a 30% increase in productivity
  • A 35% improvement in workload management means more time is spent on value-adding activities
  • The teams have developed “continuous improvement” strategies across a number of key work areas.
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South Pacific airline soars skyward with PEPworldwide’s time-saving strategies.

“Having structured time in my calendar and planning my work is a huge change. I find I am stepping away from having my head in work and seeing my work more clearly. I’m now claiming my time!”
  • On average participants freed up 20% of their time, which is now allocated to growth strategies and direction
  • Achieved a 40% reduction in server space utilisation
  • A second rollout of programmes is underway with plans to take PEP out to the rest of the business units.
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A common language

“We celebrate efficiency and productivity and we have a common language.”
  • 23.3% increase in productivity
  • Participants estimate an average of 2 hours saved each day, equating to an ROI of 25%, delivered in less than one month
  • Improved collaboration and consistency in processes across regions.
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