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At PEPworldwide, we understand what underpins the most successful companies. We’re a global organisation which specialises in boosting your business performance by providing highly customised, practical solutions for work process improvement. Because our strategies are both long-term and specifically tailored to the individual and their company, we consistently achieve outstanding gains in productivity. On average our clients gain an extra two hours of time a day, freeing them to focus on innovation, to achieve their ambitions and to finally be able to concentrate on the high-impact projects necessary to take their business to the next level.

We know our methodology works: as well as a proven track record in 30 countries around the world, including 25 years as the leading productivity consultant in New Zealand, we also provide you with a precise analysis of how our training has specifically improved your business outcomes.

In a nutshell? Our business is all about adding value to yours.

People are at the heart of what we do.

If our people don’t change your life, they’ll come pretty close.

Jo McFadden

“I’ve had staff at one particular organisation hug me and cry because PEP has changed their life so much.”

Jo joined PEPworldwide in 2010 as a consultant and quickly moved into an account executive role, receiving a high performance award for the Australia/New Zealand region in 2015. She is passionate about working for people and enjoys finding creative solutions to meet clients’ needs. She has a diverse industry background in marketing and management, working both in New Zealand and abroad in the manufacturing, mining and design sectors.

Jason Hewett

“My first exposure to PEP was as a participant – it instantly modified the way I worked. I applied it in my corporate career and then in my professional playing and coaching career.”

Jason has been with PEPworldwide for over eleven years and has worked in a variety of industries. He has a strong background in brands, projects and event management and spent eight years overseas as a professional rugby player and coach. Jason’s goal is to work alongside organisations and individuals to reach their full potential. He loves working with highly driven, successful people to identify areas for improvement.

Belinda Harman

“I apply the PEP principles on a regular basis to ease the stress of a varied workload.”

Belinda has over 15 years’ experience in accountancy for business. She has also worked as a business broker, where she gained valuable experience in understanding businesses in many different sectors. Belinda has worked with PEPworldwide for over eighteen years and has seen the company grow. She says that the incredible feedback from PEP participants keeps her motivated and she loves to see the many ways PEP helps people.

Sarah Holdsworth

“PEP has taught me to take a step back, slow down and plan, and through this I find I have more rather than less time.”

Sarah originally qualified as an architect but moved into advertising and graphic design. She has been a studio manager in the advertising industry, managing the creative and production area. She joined PEPworldwide because she was looking for a permanent job in which she could apply her skills.

Michele McKenzie

“I remember coaching one young man who was very driven but feeling torn about not having enough time to do everything well. Years later a colleague met him in Sydney. He was in a senior role and was still raving about the positive impact PEP had had on both his work and his life.”

Before joining PEPworldwide, Michele’s background was in FMCG, in the areas of sales management, sales and capability building. She joined PEP to make a difference and help others to achieve results and gain control of their work and life. She is a people-oriented, results-focused facilitator and offers a pragmatic coaching approach to help people achieve.

Rona Fairfield

“We show our clients how to stay connected, how to switch off and how to work flexibly as they head into the future work environment.”

Rona has experience in corporate and professional account management. Her background is primarily in the areas of recruitment, training, learning and development, outdoor education and personal development and she has worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in all sizes of organisations. She therefore understands different business requirements and challenges, enabling her to provide customised solutions to meet her clients’ needs. All her experience and roles have been dedicated to helping people grow and discover their potential and her PEP role has recently expanded into active facilitation.

Tracey Ward

“Being able to make a difference to the way people approach and feel about their work is such a gratifying experience.”

Tracey joined the PEPworldwide Wellington team in 2011. Her background is predominantly in the field of strategic key account/relationship management with experience in senior management, recruitment and training. Tracey’s experience of working in both large and small organisations within both public and private sectors enables her to easily identify clients’ challenges within the workplace and provide relevant solutions. She has always had a passion for helping people to perform at their best.

Susan Sliedrecht

“I love PEP because the principles we talk about are principles of life: they are principles that help one to live a satisfying and fulfilling life irrespective of whether you are at work or at play.”

Susan has 20 years’ experience in training and development, including people, organisational and infrastructural development. Key areas of interest include facilitation of workshops, project management, leadership, management and personal effectiveness, and she is particularly interested in the latest developments in neuroscience and the brain. She is passionate about working collaboratively with people to help them achieve what is important to them.

Natasha Morales

“To me, meditation is to the mind what PEP is to our physical work environment – it helps to clear away the noise and the clutter to focus on what's important.”

Natasha grew up in Canada and Mexico and has lived and worked in Japan, Australia and Thailand. Over the past ten years she has facilitated, trained and coached a variety of individuals and groups to achieve lasting personal and professional transformation. Her multi-cultural background and strong presentation and communication skills enable her to build and facilitate life-changing results in both individual and group situations. She believes that her PEP training has allowed her to maintain a balance, both at work and at home, and has helped her to establish an effective system for achieving what’s most important.

Marie Kiely

“After PEP, every employee can relate what they do to the vision of the organisation. That clarity and alignment is what PEP delivers to participants.”

Marie has been a senior manager in the public sector, is the managing director of a public health communications company and joined PEPworldwide as a consultant last year. Her role makes full use of the skills she developed as a consultant delivering leadership training, facilitating strategic planning and coaching senior executives. She is passionate about working with people and organisations, creating solutions and possibilities, and loves being part of a process that transforms the results people achieve at work while leaving them with enough energy to enjoy the rest of their lives.

Karen Venni

"Experiencing how life changing applying the PEP principles can be to your work life balance has made me a passionate advocate for PEP. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to share these principles with others and enable them to achieve both their professional and personal goals."

Karen has an extensive background working in the not for profit environment. She is experienced in developing and growing small businesses, event management, branding and marketing, coaching and mentoring high performing teams and has a passion for creating workable systems and processes. Karen recently joined the PEP Worldwide team as a consultant after being inspired to make a career change after attending a PEP Programme.

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